Grafi- Role. Ventilating ondervorst with unique micro-perforations consisting of finely corrugated lead with acrylaatcoating and two high-quality butylstrips for a good adhesion.  For hollow and flat roof tile models.  Long life due by good UV resistance.  Supplied on a roll of 5 meters.  In two width sizes: 210 and 320 mm.  Color: red and black.  Ventilation capacity of 332 cm2/m1.  Warranty : 30 years.  Perfectly suitable for working in the winter.

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Fotografie produktu - Držák hřebenové a nárožní latě univerzální, výškově nastavitelný šroubením–Typ 3

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Productshot of the Keramische dakdoorvoerpan 100 mm
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Koramic roof accessories: roofend finish. Bird mice lath with one comb. The application of a birds lath ensures that birds, mice, and rats have no chance of getting between the roof overlay and the roof tiles to nest.  Applicable to roof ends, valleys and secret gutters.  Available in plastic (length: 1 m; black). A good roofend construction is essential for a good ventilation of the roof cavity.  Roofend profiles make for a beautiful finish and protection against rain, wind and snow.  Birds, rats and mice will be kept away with the Koramic combination roofend profile, the bird lath or the bird-mice lath. Non-ceramic products for a technical and aesthetic finish. Rainproof and ventilation possible. Technically and aesthetically pleasing roof finish at support details, cutting lines and vents.

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Singl product shot of the 6000221 Ventilation belt aluminum of ridge and corner roofing accessories roofing accessories

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